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SCP Security have put together the minimum requirements that people should take to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. We speak about these tips monthly but so many residents dont take up the advice because it costs money or because they believe it won't happen to them. Please believe us, it's far cheaper than any insurance claim and far cheaper than the emotional trauma/shock it causes for you, your families and your kids.


Secure and Protect you PERIMETER and STOP the access at your gate!


At SCP SECURITY we don't only fight crime and report on crime but we also monitor crime trends and collect information relating to the steps leading up to the incidents we deal with on a daily basis.

Over the last 5 years we have tabled several hundred crime stats and crime trends specifically related to House Breakings and Robberies, And we want to provide you with the necessary steps you NEED to take to reduce your chances of your home/property or person of becoming an opportunistic target by more than 90% based on facts and first hand experience.


At present we are experiencing syndicates operating that have become so good at what they do, like you are good at your job they have become masters of theirs. The average house breaking takes less than 1 minute from the time your alarm triggers to the time the suspects leave, 90% of the House Breaking or robberies the suspects target TV's, Laptops, Jewellery, money and other visible electronic items that can be grabbed in the sprint they have through your home.


They don't steal a lot but they are destructive to Doors and Gates when gaining entry and cause more emotional trauma to the home owner/children than anything else.


YES, Security upgrades do cost money and Yes we understand it is not something anybody wishes to spend money on in order to protect yourself, your families and your property, but it is almost essential in today's daily living in order to protect yourselves and your properties from being targeted.


Its sounds crazy but as technology advances so does the techniques of the criminals that they use to gain entry, having said this we constantly need to keep 1 step ahead of the suspects and make sure we communicate to everybody the upgrades/improvements one can make to avoid becoming a target.


We have narrowed it down to 7 Steps/Upgrades Required for you to take and invest in once off:


  1. You need to have Electric Fencing and it needs to be in GOOD working order, connected to your alarm companies transmitter and tested so that your response company gets the signal! 80% of houses display electric fences and 70% of them DON'T actually work. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to test if your fence is on or off.

  2. Your Gate needs to be fitted with an ANTI-LIFT bracket with a tolerance of no more than 3mm. any gap bigger than this is deemed to be a risk and your gate can be lifted using a crowbar or pick handle.

  3. Your Gates rail that runs on the motor needs to have a GUARD RAIL fitted. this precaution is to avoid a suspect breaking the rail and free-wheeling the gate open.

  4. PEDESTRIAN GATES are a BIG NO-NO! weld them up or take them out but these are one of the main access points used in House breakings when available.

  5. Invest in a GATE BUDDY - this device is attached to your gate and wired into your gate motor with some ultra cool technology. It is programmed to be armed 24hrs a day on a 24Hr Panic Zone on your alarm and is only disarmed when you press your gate remote to open your gate. the gate buddy connects wirelessly to your alarm panel inside and works like a charm! If your gate is opened without your gate remote it immediately sends a panic signal to your alarm provider and the response vehicles have a VERY GOOD chance of catching the criminals in the act. this is one of our favourite devices as the technology is cutting edge and catches the suspects at the gate before they gain entry to your house! The gate buddy works completely independently from your alarm system where it is Armed 24Hrs a day irrespective of the state of your alarm.

  6. Make sure your alarm is armed when you are not home and make sure it is linked to a reputable armed response company who has vehicles in the area 24hrs a day who can respond to the activation within seconds if not minutes.

  7. Do not have a delay on your alarm panel for when you open the front door so you got time to disarm it with your code. Remember - When a suspect breaks into your home he is given more time to grab your items as the signal will not be sent to your alarm company until the delay is up, Rather get your alarm technicians to give you a remote for arming and disarming.


At SCP SECURITY we have kept our BESPOKE focus on Alarm Monitoring, Armed Response, Active Patrolling, Dedicated Area Response Vehicles and Crime Intelligence.


We hope this piece of information adds value and comfort to your homes/business and we are available to discuss any of your requirements or concerns you may have.


Please TRUST our recommendations and invest in these suggested steps over a period of time. We have given you these steps NOT to cost you money but to help you avoid becoming an opportunistic target!

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