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SCP SECURITY | Your Families Safety Is Your Choice

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June 7th 2024


SCP SECURITY | Your Families Safety Is Your Choice

SCP Security have a full turnkey solution providing you, your property and your families with world class safety and security. When choosing a Security provider never make your choice on price, Choose a trusted provider like SCP Security who have proven their worth time and time gain in and around your areas of residence or work.


Being successful in any area means ensuring you have “Dedicated Vehicles” present 24hrs a day in every area you operate, this ensures timeous response times of under 4 minutes and regular visibility patrols throughout the day and night, This has been one of the fundamental growth points for us at SCP Security and we intend to add more resources to each area as and when they grow.


We not only provide you with Armed Response and Alarm Monitoring but we have some unique niche add-on services that lifts the bar when it comes to standards and service:


  1. Private Fire, Search and Rescue Truck

  2. Emergency Mobile App With Pin Point Precision on Location when pressed and Covers you anywhere in S.A.

  3. Pet Feeding when you are away on holiday or business

  4. Elderly Check-in Service for our Senior Citizens

  5. Guarding Both Armed and Unarmed for your functions or permanent


Above all we pride ourselves on building that very important personal relationship with all our clients where you are not just considered a client but we welcome you as apart of our family!


If you haven’t joined SCP Security as yet you are welcome to email us for an obligation free discussion: 


Something on your mind? We'd love to hear from you!

Kindly email us or contact us through our Call Centre on (011) 477 1222 if you have any thoughts, observations or suggestions you would like to share. 

SCP SECURITY | 44 11th Street, Greymont, Johannesburg, South Africa

Mail: | Tel: +27 11 477 1222

SUBURBAN CONTROL CENTRE (PTY) Ltd t/a SCP SECURITY is registered as a security service provider with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

Registration Number: 2610984

Company Registration: 2016/036423/07 | VAT Number: 4050272659

National Bargaining Council: 12887 | Workmans Compensation: 990001026579

NBCPSS Health Insurance: PC002610984 | Provident Fund (PSSPF) Registration No: 805749

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