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July 11th 2024

Inside Look | SCP Security FIRE SAFETY

We are in the middle of winter and the SCP Security Fire crews have experienced mostly grass fires and we responded to those that were a threat to homes or, heavy smoke from a grass fire across our roads. Both are frightening for our community and we respond to make a fire scene safe. So, please bear with us if we block roads. I have experienced this before when a vehicles vents are open and smoke enters the cab. People with breathing difficulties panic and stop in the smoke and this can cause an accident.

We are experiencing some cold temperatures and thankfully we have not had any building fires this month. Please remember to unplug electrical heaters and close the shut-off valve of gas cylinders before going to sleep. Electrical blankets must also be switched off and it is wise to remove the plug from the wall socket.

Rather safe than sorry.

SCP Fire & Rescue are considering community fire training on Saturday mornings. The course includes the theory of fire and how it spreads. Prevent fires in your home and practical fire-fighting with extinguishers. We keep the costs low and cover the fuel we burn and extinguisher contents, If you are interested, please email me on

Our fire truck is looking absolutely fantastic, is fully kitted and we frequently visit schools and show the kids the bunkers and crew cab but the most important training is teaching them to stop, drop & roll. And, how to move through smoke. We are currently working on our ladders on the truck and I am looking for an American hook ladder or the English hook ladder for thatch fires or entering a window. These are not easily found and perhaps someone out there has one that they are not using. We use these hook ladders to hang from the apex of the thatch roof so that we can remove burning thatch and starve the fire.

So, please stay safe for the rest of the 2024 winter and thank you for all the smiles and greetings we get while out on calls etc.

Regards and Keep Safe,

Mr. Henry Zeiler

SCP Fire, Search And Rescue Chief


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