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Updated: May 29

May 28th 2024

Inside Look: SCP Security contains fire


At 19:40 this evening, our control room received a fire distress call for a residential fire in Sophiatown. SCP Private Fire Search and Rescue swiftly mobilized to Gerty Str, arriving within minutes.

A huge thank you to the vigilant neighbours and community for acting swiftly and contacting our Control Room.

Thanks to the quick and efficient efforts of our team, the fire was contained, and the all-clear was given by our Fire Chief, Mr. Henry Zeiler.

We are proud to have served the Sophiatown community tonight.

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SCP SECURITY | 44 11th Street, Greymont, Johannesburg, South Africa

Mail: | Tel: +27 11 477 1222

SUBURBAN CONTROL CENTRE (PTY) Ltd t/a SCP SECURITY is registered as a security service provider with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

Registration Number: 2610984

Company Registration: 2016/036423/07 | VAT Number: 4050272659

National Bargaining Council: 12887 | Workmans Compensation: 990001026579

NBCPSS Health Insurance: PC002610984 | Provident Fund (PSSPF) Registration No: 805749

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