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June 7th 2024

Inside Look:


Good morning to the SCP Security community on this cold Friday morning. It is winter time and this is the time of the year that we use heaters and other ways to keep warm and cozy. We all have a busy life and we sometimes forget to turn off a heater before going to sleep or to work. It is important that we do a check of all our electrical and gas appliances before going to bed or work. An electrical heater even though switched off still has power and it is good practice to switch off at the wall as well or rather remove the plug from the wall. Sleeping with a heater on is not a good idea. And this goes for electric blankets as well.

Gas heaters are great and quite safe if you keep them in good condition and serviced at least once a year. Leaving a gas cylinder connected to a gas heater and the valve in in open position is also not good when you are going to sleep or to work. Rather close the valve. If the gas piping from the cylinder to the heater should start leaking, it can result into a fire as gas is heavier than air and will accumulate in the lowest part of the house and a spark from any electrical appliance or open flame, will cause a fire.

So please keep the above in mind. Rather safe than sorry.

SCP Security Fire, Search & Rescue for the past two months have been visiting schools and we are teaching the kids to Stop, Drop & Roll and how to move through fire in a home. Having fire drills as a family is a good idea. Know where your keys are to get out safely. Stay low and crawl along a wall that will lead to a window or door. Keep an extinguisher in your home, fire blanket in the kitchen and a few smoke detectors to wake you up should a fire start while you are sleeping. If you have a SCP Security alarm control box, we can link these detectors to the SCP Security Control room.

Stay safe people.

Henry Zeiler

SCP Security Fire Chief.

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