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MAY 2021







44 11th Street Greymont Johannesburg Phone: 011 477 1222  |  Cel: 079 2982435



3 Min 3 Secs




    01/05 - SUCCESS: Two suspects were arrested by SCP SECURITY for theft inside Albert's Farm, Northcliff.

    02/05 - Outside lights stolen from a property on Dawn Dr, Berario.

    04/05 - House break-in on Kessel Str, Fairland. Two bicycles were taken.

    04/05 - Attempted motor vehicle theft on 4th Str, Greymont.

    06/05 - Street robber nabbed by SCP SECURITY last night on the corners of 4th & 12th Str, Albertskroon, after the suspect robbed an innocent victim at knife point. Several dangerous weapons were seized.

    06/05 - BOLO: This vehicle was used in three incidents this afternoon:

    Grey Hyundai i20 Reg: FW79DPGP with 4 b/male suspects (3 armed with pistols).
    1. Attempted armed house robbery on Dale Brook Ave, Victory Park.
    2. House robbery on Madge Ave, Fairland.
    3. House robbed on 10th Str, Linden.

    07/05 - Attempted house break-in at around 01h25 on Scully Str, Roosevelt Park. Suspects were disturbed and fled by jumping into neighbouring properties.

    07/05 - SUCCESS: One suspect has been arrested by SCP SECURITY for theft on the corners of De La Rey Rd and 3rd Str, Albertskroon.

    Two men stealing the palisade fencing surrounding Albert's Farm were reported by residents residing in the Northcliff area. Swift action by our Reaction Members led to the arrest of one suspect.

    07/05 - Attempted house break-in on Tana Rd, Roosevelt Park.

    Suspects were disturbed by the resident and fired one gunshot at the resident while fleeing, no injuries.

    07/05 - Attempted house robbery on Gordon Rd, Bergbron.

    10/05 - Attempted business burglary on Long Rd, Newlands. Suspects were disturbed and fled empty handed.

    13/05 - ATM robbery at a garage on Beyers Naude Dr, Roosevelt Park/Northcliff, Randburg.

    13/05 - Attempted house break-in on Andes Rd, Bergbron. Suspects were disturbed and only managed to derail the gate.

    13/05 - House break-in and attempted motor vehicle theft on Hillel Ave, Northcliff. Suspects used a Blue Ford Fiesta (no registration obtained).

    13/05 - Structure on fire on Italian Rd, Newlands.

    14/05 - Attempted hijacking on Beyers Naude Dr, Close to Northcliff Corner, Northcliff. Suspects (all heavily armed) used two vehicles:
    1. White Ford Panel Van (no registration obtained)
    2. White Mercedes AMG A43 (no registration obtained)

    14/05 - Attempted house break-in on 9th Str, Greymont.

    14/05 - House break-in on Coronation Rd, Whiteridge, Bergbron.

    14/05 - BOLO: Attempted motor vehicle theft at Westdene Dam, JHB. Suspects used a White KIA Sportage Reg: JK63WYGP.

    14/05 - Armed business robbery on 13th Str, Newlands. Suspect used a White Toyota Quest (no registration obtained).

    14/05 - Driveway robbery on John Mackenzie Dr, Emmarentia. Rolex watch and gold chain taken. Suspects used a Silver BMW (model and registration were not noted).

    15/05 - Suspect nabbed by SCP SECURITY for theft on Main Str, Albertville.

    The suspect stole a ladder from a property in the area. As the suspect was leaving the vicinity he was seen by one of our Armed Reaction Members. The suspect was stopped, questioned and admitted stealing the ladder. The suspect also admitted stealing another stepladder on the 13/05.

    15/05 - BOLO: Attempted motor vehicle theft at Linden Library. Suspects used a White Toyota Corolla (New Shape).

    15/05 - Suspect nabbed for theft at a shop on West Str, Greymont by SCP SECURITY. Plumbing equipment valued over R500 recovered.

    16/05 - Armed robbery at Battery Centre on Italian Rd, Newlands. Undisclosed amount of cash was taken.

    18/05 - House robbery foiled by SCP SECURITY on Donga Ave, Berario.

    At around 15h05 a resident on Donga Ave alerted our Control Room of suspicious activity at a property on the street. Armed Reaction members were dispatched to the location and upon their arrival, the suspects opened fire & fled in two vehicles (one of the vehicles was stolen from the property being robbed).

    A chase ensued and the suspects abandoned one of their getaway vehicles on Arkansas Ave corner Scott Street, Berario (Red Mitsubishi), Suspects then fired at our members again and fled in the stolen vehicle to UJ Campus in Auckland Park where it was dumped and then recovered by officials from TRACKERSA. Suspects managed to evade arrest but both cars and the stolen goods were recovered.

    Upon further investigation a TV which was taken in an earlier non-related robbery today was also found in the suspects getaway vehicle along with other items.

    19/05 - Armed robbery last night at Choo Choo Junction, Linden. Suspects (4) used a Navy Blue Mazda Demio with tinted windows (no registration was obtained).

    20/05 - Armed house robbery on Van Zyl Str, Albertville. Undisclosed amount of cash taken. Suspects (2) fled on foot.

    21/05 - White Toyota Etios Reg: HN10HYGP stolen on Gordon Rd, Florida Glen/Bergbron.

    21/05 - Attempted house break-in on Scully Str, Roosevelt Park. Suspects used a Dark Blue Mazda 323 Reg: MRM357GP.

    23/05 - House break-in on Joseph Ave, Northcliff. Suspects gained entry to the property by jumping over the outer wall. Electronics taken.

    25/05 - Attempted house robbery on Kirstenbosch Cres, Northcliff/Bergbron. Suspects (3 b/males) in getaway Golf 7 GTi.

    26/05 - Armed robbery on Napier Rd under the bridge between Guild & Barry Hertzog Rd, Greenside. Suspects (2 b/males) fled on foot.

    26/05 - Robbery on 4th Street, Linden. Grey Audi A3 possible Reg: CR27ZSGP

    26/05 - House on fire in 10th Street Linden.

    28/05 - Driveway Robbery on Beyers Naude, Roosevelt Park, incident occurred at 17:00. Resident followed home from shops.

    28/05 - Vehicle Theft on Beyers Naude, Roosevelt Park. Vehicle recovered by SCP Security in Westdene.

    29/05 - Business Armed Robbery at The Battery Centre, Beyers Naude, Northcliff. 3 Armed suspects driving a Toyota Quantum entered the shop and stole around 50 Batteries.

    30/05 - House Breaking on Denys Reitz Rd, Roosevelt Park. Residents left house around 10 and returned home to find the incident had occurred. Alarm not Armed.


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