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Introducing our NEW Monthly Subscription Service! Our friendly team will check in on your beloved fur kids and feed them while you are away. We will also check your home is secure for your peace of mind whilst visiting your pets.


R 149.00 incl Vat per Month | 15 to 30 Mins per visit


15 to 30 minutes daily visit


Introducing our NEW Professional Pet and Home Minding Solution!

Whilst you and your family are away on holiday our friendly team will check in on your beloved furry or feathered friends, interact with them to ensure they are happy and top up their water and/or feed them in their own home space where they feel safe. The security officer will also check your home is secure and note any discrepancies in his written report.

Our team visits your pets, checks their status, feeds them, provides fresh water, entertains them for a short while and provides a basic hygiene service.

Included Services:

Pet Care

15 -30 Minute daily or nightly visits




Medication administration

Health checks / Emergency visits (if necessary)*

*(Vet costs are for the client's own account)

Home Care

15-30 Minute daily or nightly visits (included in above)

Security checks

Switching lights on / off

Mail collections

Weekly refuse bin placement

Swimming pool check

We care for ALL Pets including:

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Snakes, Fish and Exotic Animals

Please note this is a monthly subscription service offered to all our SCP Security clients and non clients. It is subject to a minimum of 12 month agreement via debit order.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Cancellation Policy:

Please note this is a 12 months minimum subscription service. Please contact the office if you need to discuss a cancellation of this service. Please note that you will need to confirm the cancellation with us in advance or the full amount will be charged and due.

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