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An Armed Escort vehicle will follow your vehicle from your home or office (departure point) to the departure entrance or parking space at the airport where you and/ or your passengers will exit from your vehicle to enter the airport building. On requesting the service to meet you or your guests on their arrival at the airport, the specific exit and identification details will be required. The Armed Escort will meet the arriving passenger's vehicle from the parking/ pick up point and follow it to your final destination provided i.e. home or office. N.B. Limited to one stop per trip.


One Way | 1 Hour | R 1 000 ex Vat per shift (T&C's Apply) | Customer's location to Airport or Airport to Customer's location

Return | 2 Hours | R 1 750 ex Vat per shift (T&C's Apply) | Customer's location to Airport, Airport to Customer's location


1 hour / 2 hours


Armed Escort service of your transfer to and from the airport. One way or Return Service.

We provide armed escort service of 2 tactical members to support your personal or 3rd transport service to and from the airport.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that you will need to confirm the cancellation with us, at least 24 hours in advance or the full amount will be charged.

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