Incident Reports



02/09 - Attempted street robbery on the corners of Hoover & San Juan Str, Berario. Suspect fled into several property's after being spotted by Fairland SAPS in the act. SAPS Chopper assisted in the search.

03/09 - Housebreaking on Nelson Str, Berario. Suspects derailed the gate & forced open the front door. Electronics were taken.

03/09 - Attempted break-in at the Roosevelt High school at the teachers facilities. Suspect gained entry by jumping over the school fencing.

06/09 - Housebreak-in on Louie Ave, Northcliff (Eco Ridge). 

07/09 - Housebreak-in on Limpopo Rd, Emmarentia

08/09 - 4x Wheels of a Toyota Hilux stolen on Preller Dr, Roosevelt Park.

11/09 - Attempted housebreaking on Schoongezicht Rd, Bergbron. Suspect locked the Street SECURITY Guard in the guardroom but managed to escape through the window, foot chase ensued but the suspect managed to flee.

14/09 – One Armed suspect arrested by SCP Security & another arrested by jmpd officials at a office park on Pendoring Ave, Northcliff after a robbery attempt inside Cresta Mall. Suspects fled into the office park & hijacked two vehicles but could not find the exit.

14/09 – BAT (British American Tobacco) robbery on Republic Rd, Cresta.

15/09 - Attempted motor vehicle theft on 14th Str East, Albertskroon.

16/09 - House break-in on West Park Dr, Montgomery Park.

17/09 - Business break-in on Fifth Str, Albertskroon. Suspects gained entry through the roof.

18/09 - 3x Armed house robbery suspects arrested by SCP Security and Linden SAPS after a robbery attempt on Anreith Str, Roosevelt Park, 4 Guns Recovered by SCP and SAPS.

22/09 - Attempted housebreaking on 5th Str, Newlands.

22/09 - Armed driveway robbery on Johannes Str, Fairland.

23/10 - Attempted break-in at a housing complex in  Schoongezicht Rd, Bergbron.

24/09 - Housebreak-in suspects arrested by SCP Security on 14th Str, Albertskroon.

29/09 Attempted hijacking on Anreith Str, Roosevelt Park.

30/09 - Attempted house robbery in Bergbron. Homeowner fought of the suspects, multiple gun shots were fired by the victim. Homeowner/victim did not sustain any injury.


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