Incident Reports



02/10 - Gate motor theft on Mark Ave, Northcliff.

04/10 - House robbery on Max Michaelis St, Montgomery Park. Suspects (2) arrived on foot & took several gardening items.

05/10 - House break-in on Duke of York Drive, Berario.

07/10 - Business break-in on Matabele St, Waterval Estate / Northcliff.

07/10 - Theft on 5th St, Albertskroon. Suspect jumped over the perimeter wall. Garden chairs & a table taken.

07/10 - House break-in on California Dr, Northcliff.

09/10 - House break-in on Du Preez St, Albertville.

10/10 - House break-on 7th St, Newlands.

10/10 - House break-in on Majuba Ave, Quellerina.

11/10 - Street robbery on 2nd Ave, Westdene. Suspects (6 C / Males) used a Silver VW polo 6, no registration was obtained.

12/10 - House robbery on Panorama Dr, Berario. Electronics were taken.

12/10 - BOLO: Silver Opel Corsa Reg: YMG891GP was stolen on 1st Ave, Westdene.

13/10 - Tyre theft on Milner Ave, Roosevelt Park.

13/10 - Snatch & grab at a business on Acacia Rd, Northcliff.

14/10 - Attempted house break-in on Cherry Dr, Berario.

15/10 - Courier vehicle recovered by SCP SECURITY on Denys Reitz Rd, Roosevelt Park after it was taken in a hijacking in Linden.

15/10 - Courier robbery on Rocco De Villiers St, Montgomery Park.

15/10 - Attempted hijacking on Umgwezi Rd, Emmarentia. Suspects used a Brown Honda CR-V, no registration was obtained.

16/10 - Theft out of motor vehicle on Pitchford Place, Northcliff.

18/10 - House break-in on Willow Ave, Waterval Estate / Northcliff.

19/10 - Gate motor theft on Gordon Rd, Bergbron.

26/10 - Break-in at a housing Complex on Doris Crescent, Northcliff.

27/10 - Armed house robbery on Langenhoven St, Montgomery Park.


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