Incident Reports



31/10 - Petrol tanker on fire along the N1 North before Gordon Rd.


31/10 - Update on the CIT robbery yesterday morning in Delarey:

The SAPS investigation into the matter and after interviewing witnesses on the scene the three employees of G4S were arrested.

8x Bags of money with an estimated value of 2.2 Million Rand was found hidden in a dustbin on a premises next to where the AV was attacked.

A further 1 Million Rand was found hidden in the AV under the seat of the crew.

Analysing of available video footage further indicated that the money was handed to the CIT suspects prior to them blowing up the cash van.


The suspects were detained at SAPS Florida on the following charges:



2.Armed robbery

3.Attempted murder


29/10 - Housebreaking on Langenhoven Str, Montgomery Park. Suspects gained entry by derailing the gate.


29/10 - House robbery on John Adamson Dr, Montgomery Park. 5x Suspects entered the property, locked up the Gardener & child (14) inside the house and demanded to be directed to the safe but neither gardener or child knew where it's located. Electronics taken. Suspects used a White Toyota Corolla (no registration taken).


28/10 - Construction worker hits a 11KVa cable across from the Roosevelt Park Substation with a pickaxe and walks away with severe burns to his legs and arms, the worker has been transported to hospital.


28/10 - Street robbery around 18h15 last night on the corners of Vincent Rd & Verdi Ave at Verdi Shopping Centre, Risidale.


27/10 - Attempted hijacking on Fifth Str, Albertskroon. Suspects fled in a Maroon VW Jetta (no registration taken).


27/10 - Hijacked vehicle recovered by SCP SECURITY on the corners of 4th & 11th Str, Albertskroon.


Victim (UBER driver) was hijacked on Barry Rd, Risidale.


24/10 - Attempted motor vehicle theft on Langenhoven Str, Montgomery Park. Suspects only managed to damage the back window.


Housebreaking on Aberdeen Street, Westdene.


22/10 - Business break-in on Thornton Rd, Sophiatown.


21/10 - Armed house robbery on Washington Dr, Northcliff.


21/10 - Housebreaking on Norman Cres, Northcliff.


21/10 - In the early hours of this morning SCP Security was patrolling the streets of Fairlands when one of our members noticed two suspects walking with a generator in Smit Str, Fairland. Upon arrival both suspects fled by jumping into properties.


The generator has been taken to Fairland Police Station.


20/10 - Attempted motor vehicle theft at Impala Shopping Centre, Northcliff. Suspects fled in a White KIA reg: FR59SKGP.


19/10 - Courier driver robbed of his cellphone on 12th Str, Greymont. Suspects used a Silver GWM (no registration taken). No other items were taken.


19/10 - House robbery in Berario, Randburg. Dark Green Porsche reg: BN30MXGP taken.


15/10 - Business break-in on Matabele Str, Waterval Estate. Suspects vandalized the business. Freezer & chip fryer taken.


15/10 -Housebreaking on Mendelsohn Rd, Roosevelt Park. House is unoccupied.


14/10 - House robbery on Tomas Bowler Str, Roosevelt Park.


14/10 - Three (3) suspects have been arrested by Fairland SAPS on Beyers Naude Dr, Northcliff at Impala Shopping Centre for the possession of house breaking implements. Equipment & fake registration plates seized.


SCP SECURITY & several other Security Companies also attended to the scene.


14/10 - Robbery on 4th Str, Greymont.


Last night at around 06h30 a resident on 4th Rd was approached by a b/male with a crowbar in hand while entering her property, suspect screamed at the resident & demanded her handbag, the resident refused to part with the handbag and the suspect reached into the vehicle taking the bag.


Suspect fled in a Champagne VW Golf partial reg: BU42** with a accomplice (driver).


10/10 - On the 07/10 a c/male & w/male jumped into a property in Groenhof Rd, Northcliff. Suspect aimed to take a ladder but were unsuccessful leaving several of their items behind.


This morning one of the suspects returned and was spotted by the resident inside another property, the resident acted and the suspect was cornered. The resident informed our Control Room and Armed Reaction Officers were dispatched. The suspect was apprehended swiftly.


09/10 - Attempted cellphone tower battery theft at the Roosevelt Park Cellphone Tower corner 5th Ave & Tomas Bowler Str, suspects failed due to concrete installed to prevent the batteries to be taken/removed. Suspects gained entry by removing one of the precast fencing slaps.


08/10 - Attempted Hijacking & Shooting on Von Dessin Str, Montgomery Park.


05/10 - House break-in on Fairbridge Rd, Roosevelt Park. Electronics & White Audi Q5 reg: JM59TTGP taken. Suspects used a Dark Blue VW reg: FG48YTGP.


03/10 - Attempted street robbery on 3rd Str, Albertskroon. Suspects used a White VW polo, no registration taken. Victim fought off the suspects.


01/10 - Armed house robbery on Grens Str, Albertville. 3x B/male suspects in getaway Blue VW polo old shape (no registration taken).


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