Incident Reports

november 2021 INCIDENT REPORT


03/11 - Armed house robbery on John Adamson Dr. Montgomery Park. Two b/male suspects kicked down the door & were aggressive towards the elderly victim causing a small laceration on the victims hand. Grey Toyota Corolla Conquest, Registration No: WT58LJGP was used by the suspects.

03/11 - Vehicle taken in a house robbery on Victory Rd, Victory Park was recovered by SCP SECURITY after a TrackerSA activation at Cresta Mall.

05/11 - House Break-in on Botha Ave, Waterval Estate / Northcliff.

05/11 - Power cable theft on Mendelsohn Rd, Roosevelt Park.

06/11 - House Break-in on Hilltop Place, Northcliff.


08/11 - Armed robbery on the corner of Beyers Naude Dr. & Mendelsohn Rd, Roosevelt Park.

10/11 - Armed robbery at Cash Converters Heathway Shopping Centre, Blackheath / Northcliff.

16/11 - Armed robbery on West Park Dr. Montgomery Park.

16/11 - Smash & grab on Gordon Rd. at the N1 off-ramp, Florida Glen.

17/11 - Robbery at a Doctor’s office on 3rd Ave. Linden. Suspects (4 b/males) used a Silver Toyota Corolla Sedan, Registration No: BR63GJGP.

18/11 - Street robbery on 7th St. Albertskroon.

18/11 - House Break-in suspect arrested by SCP SECURITY on the corner of Long and Rorich St. Albertville following a short pursuit.

18/11 - House Break-in on 5th St. Albertskroon.

22/11 - Two suspects were arrested by SCP SECURITY on Mollie Rd. Delaray after attempting to break into a business along the road.

20/11 - Attempted theft out of a motor vehicle on San Juan Ave. Berario.

23/11 - Armed house robbery on Canyon Ave. Berario. Suspects used a Blue Hyundai i20, no registration number was obtained.

24/11 - Armed robbery at a housing complex on Lee Rd. Blackheath. Suspects (5) used a Black Hyundai Tucson, Registration No: HN33HFGP.

24/11 - Snatch & grab on Beyers Naude Dr. Roosevelt Park. Suspects used a Silver Toyota Corolla Registration No: JC21GCGP.

24/11 - Attempted hijacking on Beyers Naude Dr. Montgomery Park. Suspects (2 armed b/males) used a White Toyota Corolla Registration No: FS58LGGP.


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