Incident Reports (Archived)



01/12 - Shoplifter arrested at Greymont Shopping Centre/Northcliff Plaza, Northcliff


01/12 - House robbery on Von Brandis Str, Albertville. Domestic worker was assaulted during the robbery, house was ransacked. Electronics were taken

02/12 - Hijacked truck recovered by SCP SECURITY abandoned on the corners of 2nd Rd & 3rd Str, Greymont.

03/12 - Housebreak-in on Bertha Str, Sophiatown.

03/12 - Power cable theft on Beyers Str, Waterval Estate, Northcliff.

03/12 - Attempted housebreak-in on Tomes Pringle Str, Montgomery Park.

04/12 - Housebreaking on 4th Str, Greymont. Scooter was taken but was shortly after recovered.

05/12 - Gate motor theft on West Park Dr, Montgomery Park.

05/12 - Gate motor theft on Max Michaelis Str, Montgomery Park.

07/12 - Attempted motor vehicle theft/break-in on Norman Dr, Fairland.

08/12 - Suspect arrested by SCP SECURITY on 4th Str, Greymont for theft.

08/12 -Smash & Grab on Gordon Rd Bridge at the N1 on-ramp, Florida Glen.

08/12 - Stolen on Botha Str, Waterval Estate/Northcliff.

08/12 - Street robbery on Hermans Str, Sophiatown.

08/12 - Housebreaking on Toby Str, Westdene.

09/12 - 08/12/2020 - Street robbery on Millar Str, Sophiatown. Female victim was robbed at knife point.

09/12 - Attempted housebreak-in 14th Str East, Greymont.

10/12 - Attempted housebreak-in on Toby Str, Sophiatown.

11/12 - Attempted house break-in on Majuba Ave, Quellerina. Suspects used a White Mercedes Benz C-Class reg: JK17JWGP.

11/12 - Armed house robbery on Susan Ave, Northcliff.

12/12 - Housebreak-in on 1st Str, Greymont.

12/12 - Attempted housebreak-in on 9th Str, Greymont.

13/12 - Housebreak-in on Langenhoven Str, Montgomery Park. Grey & Black BMW F800 (2016 model) reg; FL70WGGP taken.

15/12 - Armed house robbery  Wyoming Ave, Berario.

16/12 -Stolen vehicle recovered by SCP SECURITY on John Mackenzie Dr, Emmarentia.

16/12 - Housebreak-in on Senior Dr, Northcliff.

16/12 -  Attempted house break-in on Majuba Ave, Quellerina.

18/12 - House robbery on Thibault Str, Roosevelt Park.

18/12 -Street robbery on 2nd Ave, Westdene.

18/12 - House Breaking on King Street, Berario.

20/12 - Business break-in on Beyers Naude Dr, Northcliff.

21/12 - Smash & Grab on Gordon Rd at the N1 on Ramp, Florida Glen.

22/12 - Armed robbery on Long Str, Albertville.

22/12 - Attempted hijacking on Beyers Naude Dr corner Acacia Rd, Blackheath.

22/12 - Body found at the Roosevelt Bowling Club on Matabele Str, Waterval Estate/Northcliff.

22/12 - Attempted housebreak-in on 7th Str, Delarey.

22/12 - Housebreak-in on Louie Ave, Northcliff (Eco Ridge).

23/12 - Attempted housebreak-in on the corner of Weltevreden Rd & 14th Ave, Northcliff.

25/12 - Housebreak-in on Vancouver Place, Northcliff. Electronics were taken.

26/12 -  Motorcycle theft on Max Michaelis Str, Montgomery Park.

27/12 - Housebreak-in on 13th Str, Delarey.

27/12 - Gate motor theft in Linden.

27/12 - House robbery on Vrede Lane, Northcliff/Bergbron. Domestic worker on the property was tied up and covered with a blanket.

28/12 - Gate motor theft on Smit Str, Fairland.

28/12 - BOLO: Two vehicles were stolen in the Greenside area this morning;

  1. White BMW 435 reg; DP30XXGP

  2. Light blue BMW320 reg; BK30ZKGP

29/12 - Gate motor theft on Botha Ave, Waterval Estate/Northcliff.

30/12 - Camera theft on 4th Str, Albertskroon.

31/12 -BOLO: Two motorcycles were stolen last night on De Wet Str, Waterval Estate/Northcliff.

  1. Black Scooter reg; CH78FDGP.

  2. Blue 220cc Bayaj motorcycle (no registration).

31/12 - Armed robbery at Ackermans Flora Shopping Centre, Florida North.