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The President announced that there will be special adjusted measurement for Level 1 particularly for the Easter Period.

The adjusted Level 1 regulations as gazetted in Gazette 44367 of 30 March 2021..

"It is now just over a year since we declared a National State of Disaster in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and had to introduce measures to contain its spread.

Since then, we all had to put up with restrictions on nearly every aspect of our lives.

What has perhaps been most difficult of all is how the pandemic has affected the social interactions that make us feel part of a community.

We miss the many things we once took for granted, like being able to visit our loved ones, to go to a party, or to attend religious services.

One year later, we have made significant progress in bringing the pandemic under control.

The tireless efforts of our healthcare workers have saved many thousands of lives, and the pioneering work of our scientific community has led to significant advances in our understanding of the virus.

Through the changes that we have all made to our personal behaviour, we have protected ourselves, our families and our communities.

In South Africa, as in most countries around the world, we are not yet ready to return to normal life.

For the second year in a row, we will again have to limit our interactions, particularly during the Easter period.

This is so because we are still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic."



Essential Services Certificate

As SCP Security is an essential service provider, we have re-organised our operating structure in order to maintain the high level of security in our areas. Strict rules have been implemented and when necessary, new rules and regulations will be introduced.

  1. SCP Security has clearance to patrol your area during any Lock-Down period.

  2. SCP Security officers will not come close to you when you approach them. Please maintain a 1,5 meters distance.

  3. You can no longer visit our offices unless you have made an Emergency appointment by telephone, Telegram, e-mail, or in case of a real Emergency.

  4. Several hand sanitizing dispensers are installed in our offices which you are obliged to use in the event that an emergency visit is necessary.

  5. No Physical Contact of any kind will be permitted.

  6. NOBODY is allowed to visit or speak with any of our Controllers in person.

  7. All pet feeding services will continue provided your home is vacant.

  8. During lock-down, no car guards will be made available for (illegal) parties at your premises.

All other services will continue as before.
We have implemented these measures for both your and our safety out of respect for all our health and well-being under the current circumstances. Please respect them as we will.

Our government has basically ordered us to go into self-isolation where possible. For good reasons as this is a war against an invisible enemy. We therefore urge you to:

  1. Stay at home if there is no valid reason to be out roaming the streets.

  2. Keep at least 1,5 meters away from the people around you wherever you might be.

  3. Wash your hands on a frequent basis.

  4. Use wipes to sneeze and throw-away, or use your elbow to sneeze into.

  5. Avoid in-person contact with outside family, friends, and neighbours.

  6. Go alone to the grocery store in the event there is more than one person in your household. You will at least halve the risk of a possible infection.

  7. Wear face masks at all times when you are shopping. Bearing in mind that most face masks are not the surgical ones and may not protect you from contracting the virus. Avoid touching your mouth and eyes unintentionally. Wash material masks regularly to disinfect them and dispose of paper masks regularly. Of course you can also use scarves and clothing to achieve minimal protection.

There is a lot of fake news doing the rounds. Please stop sharing and forwarding these video clips and messages. They serve no other purpose but to instill fear and cause conflict.

Furthermore: International crime reports from countries where the Corona disease is at an advanced stage, show that crime levels increased. In particular cyber crime, trade in fake goods and fraud. Please be aware and seek trustworthy advice.

BY CALLING 011 477 1222.

And should you be approached at your gate by a 'Medical Team of Covid-19 personnel to conduct a test on you', please phone us. Do not let them inside your property before SCP Security is there to verify their bona fides.


  1. Visitors will be permitted into the estates.

  2. Family Members will be granted access to the estate for visiting, emergency purpose in relation to health or disability.

  3. Suppliers (Plumbers, Electricians etc...) will be granted access to the estate.

  4. Single lane entry and exit will be maintained, ie. this is for complexes with multiple gate entries or exits.

  5. All deliveries will be taken by the guards and the guards will contact the resident to collect from outside of the guard hut without delay.

  6. There will be no entry to the guard hut to any external service providers, only SCP Security guarding and management of the estate may enter the guard rooms.

  7. Physical contact is prohibited at all times.

  8. Hygiene must be maintained by washing hands with soap or using the hand sanitisers provided at least thrice daily.

  9. Temperatures will be taken at entry.

All entries other than residents will be logged in the OB Access book that will be provided for record purposes, indicating First name, Surname, unit attending to, reason, vehicle registration, contact number and identity number as well as your temperature will be taken.


If we all stick to common sense and take this Covid-19 pandemic as a serious threat to our lives, we will survive. The main problem resulting therefrom will probably be the lack of discipline. It is difficult to remain disciplined for months on end. Mankind has not evolved by avoiding contact with others. We all have a need and desire to communicate but we cannot continue using our normal manner of communication. Please, hang in there so we can all talk about it when it is over. Remember we are all in the same boat. The seas may be rough but we will not sink if we are pulling together.
Please have a telephonic chat or WhatsApp with your family, neighbours, and friends in the area, and ask them to allow us to look after them so we can establish a higher SCP Security presence in your area. It is clear that efficiency on our side increases when we have a larger number of clientele in our patrol areas. So we need you as much as you need us. And the proof of that is evident considering the low crime levels in our area. Your input concerning crime detection, informing others of what SCP Security does besides crime fighting (see Facebook, Twitter, the ER24 connection, Tracker) is of vital importance to the success of keeping the undesirable elements with bad intentions out of our areas. This and our activities, makes it possible for us all to live in a relatively safer social environment.

Newcomers on board do not have to worry about cancellation fees with their current security provider. The first month with SCP Security will be for FREE in the event that they are cancelling an existing contract and there is a notice period applicable. Our fees are really low and generally affordable. Low fees and a high return value is possible because our vehicles provide high visibility in your street and are not constantly parked under trees or near cafe's.



As from the 1st of December 2017, only clients of SCP Security will be admitted to the Telegram network. Non-clients who are already on, can stay on but only clients will have the benefit of ER24 and when needed, have priority with our SCP security services. If you have not joined your local SCP Emergency Telegram Group, please join now.

SUBURBAN CONTROL CENTRE (PTY) Ltd t/a SCP SECURITY is a member of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

PSIRA Number :2610984

Company Registration: 2016/036423/07

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Hours of operation 

For Emergencies: 24 hour

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