Incident Reports


SCP Stats April  2021.jpg

02/04 - House break-in on 3rd Str, Greymont. 


03/04 - Armed business robbery at Fairland Walk, Fairland. Suspects used a White Nissan Almera. 


04/04 - Attempted theft on King Str, Berario. Suspects attached a hook to a pole to steal exposed items: Washing, handbags & small electronics. 


06/04 - Cable thief arrested by SCP SECURITY on the corners of 5th & West Str, Greymont. 

08/04 - House break-in suspect arrested by SCP SECURITY on 7th Str, Delarey. 

08/04 - Venomous Rinkhals Snake has been removed from a property in Northcliff & safely returned into the wild by SCP Security members. 


09/04 - Two w/males stole a brush cutter from a property on Groenhof Rd, Northcliff. 


09/04 - Stolen vehicle recovered by SCP SECURITY within minutes of being stolen on Middle Str, East Town. 

10/04 - Stabbing on 12th Str, Albertskroon. Victim was stabbed 13 times in the back & was stabilized by our Paramedic whilst awaiting ER24's arrival, the victim is stable. 


10/04 - Three wanted house robbery suspects have been arrested by SCP SECURITY on Max Michaelis Street, Montgomery Park. 

10/04 - Armed robbery on Sydney Carter Str, Roosevelt Park. Suspects used a Charcoal Grey Audi reg; VLL144GP. 

10/04 - Golf lights were stolen within seconds on Devil's Peak Turn, Bergbron, Randburg. 

12/04 - Hit & run on Ontdekkers Rd corner 12th Str, Delarey. 


12/04 - House break-in on Centenary Rd, Whiteridge, Bergbron. 

14/04 - House break-in on 9th Str, Greymont. 

15/04 - House break-in on Langenhoven Str, Montgomery Park. 

17/04 - SCP SECURITY delivered much needed supplies (food, water & masks) to JHB Gen 'Charlotte Maxeke Hospital', donated by the community. The project to gather all the donated items was arranged by Felicity & her 'Let's Work Team'. 
Bhaai Cassim from the Fairland CPF Patrollers also assisted & helped a great deal in making this drop off possible. 


18/04 - Stolen Sign recovered by SCP SECURITY on Preller Dr, Roosevelt Park. The sign was stolen from a business property along Beyers Naude Dr. 

19/04 - Gate motor theft on John Adamson Rd, Montgomery Park. 


19/04 - SCP SECURITY has made a breakthrough by arresting one of the two suspects who are wanted for several theft cases from residences in Bergbron, Greymont & Northcliff. 

20/04 - House break-in on Hugo Naude Str, Montgomery Park. 


20/04 - Accident on the corners of 7th & 3rd Str, Albertskroon. Vehicle overturned, the motorist has been injured and is being treated by our SCP Security Medic. 

21/04 - A camera of a residence on Gleneagles Rd, Greenside was pulled down by two males. 


23/04 - Gate motor theft on Deneys Reitz Rd, Roosevelt Park. 

23/04 - Robbery on Wilson Str, Fairland. Suspects knocked down a motorcyclist & robbed him off his possessions. Suspects used a Silver Renault. 


24/04 - Armed robbery at El Jalapeño on 7th Str, Linden. 


24/04 - Stolen lawnmower recovered by SCP SECURITY on Twist Str, Albertville. Suspect managed to flee. 

26/04 - Attempted housebreaking on Anton Van Wouw Str, Roosevelt Park. Suspects (3 b/males) all armed in getaway; Blue Renault hatchback reg; DF43PBGP. Suspects only managed to derail the gate. 

26/04 - Two suspects have been arrested by SCP SECURITY on the corners of 4th & 11th Str, Albertskroon for housebreaking. 

27/04 - SCP SECURITY arrested one suspect for theft on Tram Str, the suspect stolen various items from a stationary vehicle at Ganis, Albertville. 


27/04 - House break-in on 2nd Str, Albertskroon. Suspects gained entry to the property by jumping over the perimeter wall, electrical power tools & camping equipment taken. 


27/04 - BOLO: Silver/Grey VW polo reg; CZ46CFGP was stolen in Greymont. 

27/04 - Attempted Gate motor theft on Newlands Rd, Newlands.